A dangerous bandit who happens to be a magic user...thereby making him even more dangerous.


Class: Wizard


Bargle is a bandit known for bullying goblins into doing his bidding. He is known to attack small groups of unarmed travelers and traders and rob them. Aleena and Taegan drove him out of his last hideout in a cave complex outside of Larm. They are seeking him to bring him to justice for his crimes.

Apparently, Bargles are being seen everywhere, so Aleena and Taegan need to hire others to follow up on multiple leads.

A Bargle was found by the party in the Ruins of Mistamere doing some kind of research. He had access to a manuscript discussing a portion of Hal Copperdale’s Unification Theory. Bargle was beheaded by the party and the head brought to Larm for a reward.


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