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    Welcome to the Sinister Intentions Campaign Homepage! Click on the other tabs for the good stuff.

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    *Sinister Intentions* is a dark fantasy DnD5E RPG. See the links below for useful information: *Current [[Quests]]* *Game Mechanics* Old! But interesting...[[Combat and Initiative]] *Campaign Information:* [[Calendar]] *Places:* [[ …

  • Larm

    Larm is a smaller town with a population of 3,000. They have small militia of 300 individuals, but can recruit as many as 1,500 in a crisis. The town is surrounded by a wooden palisade and has a small port for shipping. Many of the buildings in the …

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    h3. Main Quests *Borik's Proposition* Borik Silversheen has a business proposition for you back in Larm. *The Really Tall Door* *What about my Research?* *The Burning Plague* *Ruins of Mistamere:* Investigate the ruins of Mistamere Castle …

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