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  • Bank of Gond

    The Bank of Gond is a really just a moneychanger named Gond. Gond is a dwarf and has a small shop on the green of Larm. For a fee, he'll change your gems into coins and your less valuable coins into larger denominations.

  • Megdeth

    Solid, feisty, brunette. Megdeth is the long lost hardass half sister of Eldeth the Uncharacteristically Benevolent. Resentful of always being compared to her goody-goody older sibling, she makes it a point to be rough around the edges, despite her …

  • Ragnarok

    Ragnarok is a surly, savage dwarf. He doesn't get along well with elves, mistrusts humans and halflings, and shuns the company of his own kind. What does he like? Gold, Ale, and dead goblins! And thus, the adventuring life is for him. Ragnarok was a …

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