Larm is a smaller town with a population of 3,000. They have small militia of 300 individuals, but can recruit as many as 1,500 in a crisis. The town is surrounded by a wooden palisade and has a small port for shipping. Many of the buildings in the community are made of wood, but some of the more wealthier residences are made from stone.

Larm has direct access to Dolmvay by the river, and they are primarily a farming community with some mining in the hills. Many farmsteads line the roads and cart paths leading out from the community. Larm acts as a trading hub for goods moving north/south from Dolmvay.

The Town is ruled by an elected “Lord Mayor” elected every five years. This person is always elected from the ranks of the nobility in the community, namely, the wealthier merchants, who alone have the right to vote. The Lord Mayor oversees a variety of administrative staff and departments who maintain operations of the community, but has the final say on all policy matters. As such, the government of the community is more of a bureaucratic plutocracy than anything else.

The current Lord Mayor is Herbert Rammstein. His family business deals in gemstones, although as a younger son he has been involved in guild politics most of his life. He has been the ruler of Larm for the past 20 years. In general, he is an able administrator, allowing his talented bureaucrats deal with day to day matters but stepping in when firm policy decisions are needed.

The Captain of the Guard is Hale Rainer. He is a grizzled veteran of several wars on the mainland. An aging man in his 60’s, he has been the guard captain in Larm for nearly 30 years.

Gond is a dwarven moneychanger who operates a shop just off the Green.

Baldrick is the blacksmith who makes weapons, armor, and other metal goods.

Master Grace is an alchemist/herbalist who makes potions, poultices, salves, and other remedies. Most recently, he treated a Gertie’s friend Megdeth for complications related to poisoning by kobolds.

The Gold Dragon Inn is the primary inn in the community.


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