Feetlips the Adequate

Halfling Pygmy Goatherd (location unknown)


Class: Halfling 1


I am from a long line of goatherds, inheriting the family farm upon my 30th birthday. My bucolic and boisterous farm was a source of pride and joy, until a fateful lightning storm set my heaven ablaze. My home and buildings were destroyed, and Fiona was the only goat to escape the inferno. I have packed up the few items that survived and have left the serene forested vale to find a new future, Fiona the Feisty by my side. I may not be as learned as others, and don’t let my size fool you. I’m a hard worker, a good partier, and a hearty survivor. I’m not violent by nature, but cross me, and you’ll find yourself with a mouthful of flaming goat poo. (transcribed by a helpful elf)

Feetlips was a late-arriving companion during Gertie’s first trip to Mistamere. Gertie lost contact with him and his elf compatriot during the kobold battle. The head of Feetlips was not mounted in the courtyard at Mistamere…does he still yet live?

Feetlips the Adequate

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