Frederich Jantz

Hobbled cleric-strategist


Class: Cleric 2
Sect: Knowledge
Weapon: Mace
Armor: Chain mail, Shield

Crippled: Normal speed reduced by one encumbrance category.

Potion of Healing
Standard adventurer’s gear


Formerly a cleric of the Sect of War, he was always a bit too academic for his fellows. Frederich received a damaging injury in combat that has crippled his dexterity. He now follows the Sect of Knowledge, although he is still wise in combat techniques and unit strategy.

Frederich was rescued from the Ruins of Mistamere when Gertie returned with the party. He was kept alive in a gibbet so that he could heal kobold troops (as well as Bargle and his ogre cronies).

He graciously agreed to travel with the party to Duvik’s pass to assist with ameliorating The Burning Plague. His retainer rate is 1 gp/day plus spellcasting expenses.

Frederich Jantz

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