Taegan is strong and true, both excellent qualities for an ally.


Class: Fighter 2
Weapon: Longsword, Dagger
Armor: Plate mail, Shield

Potion of Healing


Taegan is a young fighter from Larm. He is friendly and outgoing, but not particularly bright. He is brave and always ready to defend his companions. He once sought adventure in some caves outside of Larm where he met Aleena. Luck struck twice that day, as Taegan was able to shrug off a powerful enchantment from Bargle after he felled Aleena with a magical arrow. Wounded, Bargle fled and Taegan stabilized Aleena. Then, with ghouls nipping at his heels, he carried her back to Larm where she was able to recover. They have become very good friends and are currently tracking Bargle to put a stop to his dangerous activities.


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