Main Quests

Borik’s Proposition Borik Silversheen has a business proposition for you back in Larm.

The Really Tall Door

What about my Research?

The Burning Plague

Ruins of Mistamere: Investigate the ruins of Mistamere Castle for any sign of the renegade magic-user Bargle. You should bring back a map of the ruins at the very least to convince the moneylender Gond to pay you if you can’t find any trace of the mage. But you did – you found his head. Completed Campaign Day 12 (Ripening 23)

A Dark and Stormy Knight: A powerful storm causes a diverse group to take shelter in a large Tor recently opened by lightning. With nothing better to do but investigate, what will you find besides the camaraderie of Storm Peace? Completed Campaign Day 0 (Ripening 9)

Side Quests

Reopening the Duvik Mine

The Hunt for M’Doktober

The Ice Cavern

Who are the Two Tusks?

The Hobogoblin Map


Save Freddy


Sinister Intentions biggs279