The calendar of the Known Lands consists of a 360 day year with 12 months. Each month is 30 days long and is agriculturally based:

Frost – A winter month when blizzards tend to cover the lands. Few travel during this time due to the heavy northern winds.

Resting – The last winter month, it is typically a time of rest in the lands as heavy snows prevent travel.

Conceiving – The first spring month, sects of peace offer a celebration of fertility rites. Most children are conceived during this time, timed to be birthed following the harvest period.

Flooding – A spring month when heavy rains combine with melting snow to flood the rivers.

Awakening – The last spring month, flowers bloom and the winter harvest is collected.

Seeding – The first summer month, the last of the winter harvest is collected and the summer harvest is seeded. Days reach 16 hours long at the solstice. Instances of monsters are at their lowest of the year.

Building – With the summer harvest seeded, workers are generally idle and look for contract work. Many community building projects are constructed during this time.

Happiness – The summer idle month. Once the major construction projects are completed, there are usually surplus materials for sale. Stores typically sell all items at a 5% discount.

Ripening – The summer harvest ripens and collection begins. An equinox occurs during this month.

Harvesting – The summer harvesting is finished and a end of year celebration occurs.

Battening – After the summer harvest is completed and the winter harvest is seeded, any remaining time in this month is spent fortifying communities and homes against the coming winter. Shop prices are typically 5% more expensive during this time.

Darkness – Heavy snows begin. Days are only 8 hours long at the solstice. Wolves and wild beasts are prevalent. Sightings of undead often occur.


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